Sunday, April 3, 2016

How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break, just ask my husband who has been struggling with a nicotine addiction for nearly 2 decades.  Over the years he has tried nicotine patches, prescription medication, vaporizing cigarettes, and even cold turkey, but nothing worked.  So when I saw the opportunity for him to try a laser stop smoking program, we had to give it a shot.

This type of laser therapy is a completely painless procedure designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms due to the effects of nicotine.  During the laser treatment to quit smoking a technician lightly applies a laser wand to 33 key areas on the ears, face, hands and wrists.  The entire procedure is super quick.  In just one visit to the Alpha Lifestyle Center of Birmingham, you can be on your way to a new lifestyle. 

From the moment we walked in for my husband’s appointment I knew we were going to have a wonderful experience.  Everything from the welcoming lobby to the beautifully decorated treatment rooms a relaxing atmosphere was created, making it very hard for us to leave.  When we arrived we were immediately greeted by his laser technician.   After completing the simple questionnaire my husband was taken to a treatment room.  Both before and after the procedure all of the questions we had for the technician were fully answered, we did not feel rushed at all.  I absolutely love that the staff at Alpha Lifestyle Center not only educate you but they truly want you to succeed.  They provide all of the tools that you need to move forward and become a better you. 
In the treatment room you will be asked to watch an introductory video to prepare you for the road ahead.  My husband said the entire experience was completely relaxing and painless.  You may feel the slight pressure of the wand but it does not hurt.  When we left, my husband said he felt relaxed and ready to start our day.   One laser treatment costs $295.  Included in the price is a free booster which is offered to help with cravings within 8 weeks from the time of your original treatment.  However, in order for the booster to be effective, you have to remain completely nicotine free.  I am thankful to know that they are very understanding and realize that setbacks do occur so they offer a second laser treatment at a heavily discounted cost, however, that cost increases after 8 weeks from your first appointment, so if you happen to relapse, do not wait.

Unfortunately my husband had a relapse before the 8 week period.   I found out later that he was not fully ready to quit and was just doing this treatment to appease me. To succeed, YOU have to want to quit.  It has to be for you, not anyone else.  If you are not fully committed to changing your lifestyle wait until you are before making an appointment.  Overcoming an addiction is not easy and requires some hard work on your end.  That being said, my husband and I both feel that if you are truly ready to quit and put forth the effort, this program will help.  We are definitely going to try again when he is ready.  

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