Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Creatively Cover a Fuse Box

I have recently been working on making my laundry a nice practical place to "work".  I started by adding a few shelves, a shoe rack, and some other little things to help inexpensively spruce it up.   Working with a small budget, I found wonderful pictures and decor that go with my "vintage/retro" theme at various garage sales.  

Besides the paint and the folding table everything is finished.  Everything but our unsightly utility/fuse box.  Since we do not have a basement (boo), our fuse box is located in our laundry room...right smack dab in the center of the wall...a total eye sore, IMO.  Not only is this box huge but it is oddly shaped. Measuring 27.5" tall  and 15.25" wide.  Too big to cover with a regular size frame yet too small to use a poster frame.

After much research and many many Pintrest pins, I came across an neat idea from Nesting on a Budget and tweaked it to fit my needs using the supplies I had on hand,  

Supplies Needed:

Canvas (you may need more than one)
Frames (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Craft Glue
Staple Gun

**Before you start be sure to iron your material or you will have creases.  

1. Line up your material with your canvas, leaving at least a one inch excess on all sides.  
2. Wrap your material around your first edge and staple from corner to corner.
3. Pull the opposite edge tight and staple from corner to corner.
4. Wrap the last to edges, tuck the corners and staple.
5. Glue frames to the material covered canvas and let dry.  Make sure you use enough glue.
6. Attach hinges to the canvas 
7. Add your magnets to keep them from swinging open.
8. Attach hinges to wall 

And that's it!

Simple yet elegant. 

I am not super crafty so I am very proud of how this turned out.  And although I am unsure if it will stretch nicely, I am considering wrapping both canvas' together.  

What are some creative ways you have covered eyes sores in your home?


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