Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Bluetooth Headphones EVER!

I constantly find myself rolling my eyes at my husband when he watches YouTube or listens to music on his phone.  It is always super loud and it startles the baby so I was couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review Coosh’s Bluetooth 4.0 Extended Range Headphones. These headphones are amazing with a capitol A! They have greatsound quality and are incredibly comfortable.  Since these are very user friendly my husband uses them all the time.  The padded head band, swiveling ear cups, and pressure relieving ear cushions allow for superior comfort and perfectly fit both kids and adults. 

We were able to pair these up to both our phones and computers with ease.  Being wireless with a 30 ft range makes the Coosh Bluetooth perfect to use during travel, around the house or while exercising.  Charge time takes only a few hours and last for up to 15.  All of the buttons are conveniently located on either side of the earpiece so changing the volume or the song is simple. 

However, the absolute coolest feature is the built in microphone for hands-free calling.  When receiving an incoming call your track stops and you have the option to pick up or ignore.  Once one has been selected and the call has ended, your track will continue.

I wouldn’t say that these are noise-canceling headphones but they do block out a lot of outside noise making your listening experience more enjoyable.  And the sound does not travel outside of the headphones so my husband is free to listen to whatever, whenever, and at any level. 

They conveniently fold flat so it can be stored safely in a protective carrying case (which is included).  If for whatever reason your phones bluetooth acts up you can still use your headphones conventionally with the (included) auxiliary jack.

I absolutely love the Coosh Bluetoothheadphones.  These are truly the most comfortable headphones that we have ever owned.  Everything right down to the packaging is super high quality.  They would make a great gift for anyone.  Definitely a 5 star rating!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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