Friday, January 2, 2015

No more slipping in the shower. Epica Bath Mat Review

With Little Miss M being old enough to take showers I constantly worry about her slipping and falling.  We have tried the “kids” bath mats because they were fun but in a matter of weeks they all seem to grow mold, even after being spritzed daily with vinegar and being hung to dry.  Also so many other bath mats I have tried hurt my feet and I feel like I am standing on sharp little lego pieces but not with the Epica Bath Mat.  

Not only does this bath mat make showering safer for the whole family but it is makes the tub more sanitary with its heavy duty, latex free, bacteria resistant rubber.  And it is so big it nearly covers the entire shower floor.

Although the generous 16x28 size is a big selling point for the Epica Bath Mat, that's not what attracted me to it. It was the fact that it is the most comfortable mat I have ever showered on. 

 The underside of the mat is covered with suction cups that adhere firmly to the floor of a tub and do not slip or slide when wet. The suction cups will work on both regular and non-slip surfaces. The top of the mat is textured, giving your feet extra traction power and repelling soap residue from collecting.

I also feel much better about Miss M wanting to sit in the tub and play due to the mat being treated with an anti-bacterial agent designed to keep ‘disease-causing’ microbes out of the bath.

So not only does it help minimize the risk of slips and falls while preventing the growth of bacteria and build-up of soap residues but it is extremely comfortable. Hands down, a must have!


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