Sunday, November 30, 2014

Get Your Kids Moving with TheO SmartBall

Some times getting your child motivated and wanting to learn can be quite the challenge.  That’s where TheO SmartBall by Physical Apps comes in.  TheO SmartBall is soft foam ball that uses revolutionary technology and your smart device to entertain and educate your kids simultaneously

At first I was a bit skeptical about the safety of my phone while being thrown around inside of a ball.  But if inserted correctly, your phone is secure and you have nothing to worry about.   Players can safely roll, toss, shake, and bounce the ball, with the smart device protected safely and securely inside, allowing for a variety of movement-based games.

What I Like

Great Classroom Tool
What a great addition to the classroom?!  My suggestion to educators: Fun Friday’s with TheO SmartBall - A special way to reward students.

Anti-Couch Potato
This product not only keeps kids engaged but it gets them moving!!

Nice Selection
Although a little on the pricey side the paid apps offered are both educational and great for early learning. Physical Apps currently offers 12 free Apps.

FFF: Fantastic Family Fun
I love that there are games that the whole family can enjoy making for a fun family game night.

Perfect for all ages
The kids learning apps for TheO are designed for ages 4 and up however I found some of the apps to be a bit juvenile for that age range.  I think it is safe to say that some apps are appropriate for 2 year olds.

What I Don't Like

Downloading iTunes
Although some apps are offered on Google Play, it is still necessary to download iTunes to have access to all games.  Since I am not too fond of Apple, I did not like that you are required to download and purchase Physical Apps via iTunes.  If possible it would be nice to have them all for purchase in either store.

Phone Compatibility
Some of the games are only compatible with iPhones or the iTouch,which is a total bummer for those of us with Androids.  


I would recommend this for any home or classroom.  I love that Physical Apps offers free lesson plans that help you best utilize their apps. It is definitely teacher, parent, and kid approved. The games will keep your kids busy and having fun while secretly educating.  My daughter (age 4) and my nephew (age 6) really enjoyed playing with the TheO SmartBall.  I make sure to keep it handy whenever my nephew comes to stay the night.  

Their favorites include:

Discover Homes

Discover Objects in a Home is perfect for pre-K, kindergarten, and special education students of all ages.  Designed for use with TheO SmartBall, this app introduces and helps students learn about things in a home, using photos and audio.    

Math Flash
The Math Flash app is an engaging and effective way to help students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The perfect way to combine physical activity and math, TheO SmartBall uniquely engages auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners simultaneously with activity-integrated learning!

  Pop Fun

Sing four of your favorite songs while dancing to the beat! Get moving when you shake the ball while seated or standing to make the music happen, including everyone’s favorite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Twinkle Twinkle can be personalized with your child’s name.


The Animals app is a fun and physical way to engage pre-school children with pictures and sounds of their favorite animals. Roll or shake the ball to see a vibrant picture of a new animal and hear the sounds it makes. For older kids, the name of the animal is printed on the screen helping them learn how to spell its name. Animals can be personalized with your child’s name.

Apps for TheO™ are available on the iTunes and Google Play store. TheO™ Ball retails for $39.95.

Visit Physical apps via Facebook to Learn More.
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Best Protection Against Harmful UV Rays: Premium Car Window Sun Shades by EZ-Bugz

I hate looking in the rearview only to find my kids uncomfortably squinting from the sun. Even with our slightly tinted windows the sun still manages to shine through.  Finding a safe and reliable shade has always been a challenge for me.  The retractable shades are super heavy and can turn into a pretty dangerous projectile in the event of an accident and the sticker shades are hard to apply and never last very long.  After some searching, I finally found a shade that works.

The Giraffe DesignPremium Car Window Sun Shades by EZ-Bugz protects from harmful UV rays and sun glare while keeping the interior of the car cool and allowing for a more comfortable car ride.  More importantly they are safe.  Being so lightweight, I do not see them causing any harm if detached from the window during a crash.

Besides the effectiveness and the safety, I love that when not in use the EZ-Bugz shades fold up and fit perfectly in the glove box or in the pouch behind the passenger seat.  With its quick installation you can just press and go.  While being the easy adjustability is great for the ever-changing sun, I found that the shades tend to slip down slightly after bumps.  I think that if the suction cups clipped onto the shade instead of slid on that would alleviate this tiny drawback.  Here is my solution:  When installing, I place the suction cups as high as they can go on the shade, that way they have no room to slide.

So no need to smooth out, peel off, remove sticky residue, or worry about projectiles during an accident.  The
Giraffe Design Premium Car Window Sun Shades by EZ-Bugz is easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to store.  Its lightweight and effective without obstructing your view and the giraffes are super cute. Definitely a must have.

**Every package of shades comes with ideas to keep your child entertained while on the road in a FREE Boredom Buster.

You can purchase your Premium Car Window Sun Shades by EZ-Bugz on Amazon.
Feel free to follow EZ-Bugz via Facebook
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Friday, November 28, 2014

This Holiday, Give the Gift of Adventure with Little Passports

Want to get your kids interested in History, Geography, and other cultures?  If so, Little Passports is the way to go.  With their colorful maps, interesting letters, and fun activities from around the world your child is guaranteed to stay interested and engaged. 

Little Passports offers three exciting adventure packages to choose from.  They have the Early Learners for your curious tots (ages 3-5), the World Edition for ages 5-10, and the USA Edition for ages 7-12.  Each package includes different souvenirs and activities that are guaranteed to hold your childs interest.  A subscription can be ordered for as low as $10.95 a month, shipping included, and can be cancelled at any time.  This is a great way to introduce children to new cultures and to discover new worlds.  Here is a list of the possible countries your child can “travel” to.

Little Miss M is always excited to receive packages in the mail especially ones that are as fun as Little Passports.

For our review we received the World Edition subscription. 

First Month’s Explorer Kit (World Edition) includes:
  •      Travel suitcase with an introductory letter from Sofia and Sam and a postcard
  •      Giant map covering all corners of the globe to keep track of travels
  •      Travel passport (similar to the real thing in size and everything)
  •       Stickers
  •       Activity sheet- when completed reveals your next travel destination
  •       Boarding Pass that includes access codes to Little Passports online games and activities

For each additional month your child will receive:
  •       An adventure letter from Sam and Sofia
  •         Fun souvenirs and gifts from each new country that            they visit
  •       Stickers to fill your child’s passport, suitcase, & map
  •          Photos from that country’s particular site
  •       Access to more online games and activities

After discussing what a passport was, we looked over the map and discussed where we have been and where we would like to go in the future.  We talked about her Uncle Zac, who is currently in another country fighting for our country, and how far he is from home.  It also gave us the opportunity to discuss where some of Little Miss M’s out of state relatives live.

After ordering, you should receive your first package in about 4 weeks.  After that, new country kits will arrive after the 1st of every month (maybe even sooner).

Overall, I think the learning element of this service is excellent.  The information provided is fresh and interesting and guaranteed to keep your child interested.   Little Passports has really upped their game from the last time I reviewed their subscription by adding the Early Explorers package and a few other tools for the older ones.  A special little pin to mark the map of each country/state visited would also be a neat addition.  A Little Passports subscriptions not only makes a great Christmas gift but super awesome birthday gifts as well.

To learn more you can visit the Little Passports or connect with them on Facebook.

Little Passports also has a Affiliate program for parents that are interested in earning some extra income.  Click here to learn more!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

SiliGuy...The Must Have Stocking Stuffer!!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this year?  Well, I have found it...the SiliGuy Universal car mount.  I know what some of you are thinking, and yes it really is that amazing, because the SiliGuy is more than just a phone car mount.  When I came across the SiliGuy online, I knew I just had to have one.  It securely holds my Moto G with or without its bulky case.  Due to its flexibility it will fit any smartphone; both large and small.  Anyone that owns a Smartphone will agree that the Siliguy is a must have this Christmas.

The universal fitting SiliGuy can grip your mobile device while hanging from your rear-view mirror, slid into the air vent, suspended from the steering wheel, or where ever you want. Any hand-sized device can be safely and comfortably secured in your car, providing safe visibility to use GPS and easy access to speakerphone.
My very own charging station

The SiliGuy has over a dozen uses.  So many uses for such a simple design.  My phone is constantly getting lost in the sheets at night, but now with the SiliGuy I can hang it from my headboard so I always know where it is. I have decided that I need to purchase THREE more so I can so I don’t have to move one from place to place.  I would leave one hanging from my headboard, one in the car, one in my gym bag, and one to hang from the kitchen cabinet so I can safely and easily read my recipes.  It is going to be great being able to listen to music (barrier free) while cleaning the kitchen without having to worry about my phone getting wet.
I love being to reach up for my phone during the night
and not having to search the sheets.

I love being able to view my e-recipes and
listen to music while washing the dishes. 

Overall, I absolutely love the SiliGuy and do not know what I did without it.  The flexible yet durable design makes it the best car mount out there.  It also beats having the scrub and the sticky residue left over from regular car mounts.  Not to mention the fact that those other brands never stay in place.  Innovative Design 101 stands behind their product by offering a hassle free 365 day money back guarantee.   So whether you are at home, in the car, or at the Gym the SiliGuy you can talk or listen to music hands free! 

The SiliGuy is sold exclusively on Amazon!

Order yours Today!
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Announcing Your New Bundle - Minted Review and GIVEAWAY!

 Your baby is finally here and is as perfect as can be. Now it's time to introduce your brand new bundle of joy to everyone who has been anxiously waiting to hear the news.  But with all of the responsibilities that come with a new baby, sending birth announcements is the furthest thing from your mind.  Not to mention time. Who has time to go to the store, buy announcements, personalize the announcements, collect and write out addresses... the list goes on.  But with Minted sending them has never been easier.  Just select the card you want, write your personal message and/or upload a photo, and then Minted will print, address (free for a limited time), and send you the completed cards.  All that is left for you to do is slap on a stamp and drop them in the mailbox!

Before I attempted to choose a birth announcement, I decided to order Minted's free birth announcement sample kit.  The kit only took a few days to arrive but just in case I recommend ordering it a few weeks before your baby’s due date or even sooner.  The Kit includes a nice array of announcements offered, showcasing the quality and giving you a great idea of what to expect.

 Although the selection goes on for forever, within minutes I had found the perfect announcement.  I was able to personalize it by adding 3 photos, birth stats, and a short version of Baby A’s birth story.  I really like that this company goes the extra mile, making sure your design is perfect by sending you a digital proof before placing your order.  Shortly after I submitted my announcement, I was notified via email to view and approve the proof. 

Minted asks you to allow 1-2 weeks for delivery, but I received my order only 5 day after approval!  That is pretty impressive for such a personalized product.  I was extremely happy with the finished product and will definitely order from them again.

With Minted you can save projects, addresses, and pictures (if you choose).  This makes future ordering faster. Once you have received your order deleting your photos is simple; visit your photo box and click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of any picture you wish to delete.

Not only does Minted have birth announcements, but they also have greeting cards for almost every occasion, invitations, stationary, personalized art, party decor, and more! 

Check out this custom Art Print, 

this clever Holiday Photo Card,

or this simple yet elegant wedding invitation!

Minted IS hands down the best design marketplace out there.  

One of the best things about Minted is that they always have a promotion going on!  Making them comparable and sometimes cheaper then many other sites.  Right now you can save up to 15% by using the code HAPPYHOL15 at checkout.

To learn more feel free to follow Minted on

Do you have some design ideas? Join the Minted "Design Challenge" to have your artistic abilities showcased! 

Friday, November 21, 2014


Don't miss your chance to #WIN $100 worth of Lincoln Logs with the Lincoln Logs Collectors Edition Homestead Giveaway. 

Click here for your chance to win.

With over 360 real wooden pieces, the Collectors Edition Homestead is the largest Lincoln Logs set ever created.  It comes in a sturdy easy open box perfect for storage and includes Frontiersman figures, a wagon, and two horses!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Toddler Bed Wetting is No Match For the Snoozy Luxury Sateen Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad!

With the new baby's arrival, we have been having a hard time getting Little Miss M to sleep in her own bed.  Her most recent complaints are that her toddler bed is not comfortable and that she does not like the sound the mattress makes when she moves…So I have been trying to find ways to make her bed more comfortable.   When I came across the Snoozy Luxury Sateen Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad, I knew I had found the solution.

The Snoozy Waterproof Mattress pad is made with a 100% sateen cotton surface filled with 100% cotton stuffing giving any crib/toddler bed a silky and luxurious feel.  I know what some of you may be thinking and no it is not your average plastic waterproof pad.  Instead of plastic this pad is made with the same material used to make cloth diapers (polyurethane).  It is thin, breathable, and protects her from dust mites.  I also love that it fits snuggly on her toddler bed due to its deep corners and sides. 

Although M is 4 she still has the occasional nighttime accident.  And with the 100% polyurethane outer layer, cleaning water spills or potty accidents has never been easier.   I simply remove the mattress pad from the bed and toss in the washer.  It can also be dried in the dryer!!  While I was not necessarily looking for a waterproof mattress pad it was definitely an added bonus to the comfort and will definitely come in handy when Baby A is learning to use the potty. 

Out of curiosity, I poured three full glasses of water on the pad and let it sit for 30 minutes to see just how much liquid it could hold.  I was not surprised to see no leaks, proving that The Snoozy Pad can stand up to a pretty big mess.  I even noticed that most of the moisture was absorbed into the pad so your baby/toddler would not have slept in a huge puddle.

M loves her "new" bed and has slept in it ever since without a fight.  She loves the "squishy top" and that it does not make any noise when she rolls over.

Overall, I give the Snoozy Luxury Sateen Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad a 5 out of 5 star rating, due to its absorbency, comfort, and price!  At only $29.95, this would make a great gift for any new or expectant mom and I will definitely be purchasing this for the next baby shower I attend.

Green Earth Bags Heavy Canvas Reusable Grocery Tote

Along with the mattress pad I also received a Reusable Grocery Tote from Green Earth Bags.  This tote is made with 100% cotton canvas and has both an interior and exterior pocket. What sets this tote apart from the rest is its size (22"W x 16"H x 8"D) and sturdy structure.  All of this combined with being machine washable makes this bag is perfect for shopping, traveling (perfect carry-on bag for the plane), picnics, or day trips to the beach.  Like any canvas you can even decorate it with markers, buttons, or decals and make it your own.  My favorite thing about this bag is that it replaces nearly 4 grocery bags when shopping!  So not only does it prevent me from having to recycle, waste, or bring home plastic grocery bags, it makes carrying them into the house so much easier.  It also came in handy while trying to discreetly do my Christmas shopping with my toddler.  This tote is definitely a must have!I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Best Giveaways Around ~Giveaway Linky~ {11/17}

Welcome to "Oh, I Want One Monday!" weekly giveaway Linky. 
Feel free to list your giveaways. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: 2014 Edition