Friday, November 4, 2016

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station~Holiday Gift Guide

The next item for our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is the Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station. 

Feature Item: Decoration Station
Pom Pom your world with the Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station! With this portable arts-and-crafts kit you can create custom pom-poms by choosing among six different decorating techniques. The Decoration Station empowers you to beautify the items you love, let your creativity flourish with colorful designs, and make your very own ‘me’ statements. And the innovative “Stick, Pull, Wow” pom-pom application process provides a simple and fun way to change your world from plain to Wow! So what will you Pom Pom today?

“Stick. Pull. Wow!” Application Process
  The “Stick. Pull. Wow!” technology makes it so easy for you to apply pom-poms to anything and    everything in your world. After applying an adhesive dot to a Pom Pom Wow pellet:
1         STICK the adhesive end of the Pom Pom Wow pellet to an object
2      PULL upward to remove the tube and reveal the pom-pom
3      Use your finger to fluff (spread out) the pom-pom for a WOW moment

Brand Overview
Pom Pom Wow is a lifestyle brand empowering girls to adorn their personal items with pom-pom flourishes. The do-it-yourself crafts kits enable girls to express themselves in a unique, customized fashion. The product line is designed to delight girls through personality and make-it-mine play patterns, as well as a world of colorful design opportunities. The Starter Pack includes 45 pom-poms in seven colors and 50 adhesive dots.

Trend Connection
Pom Pom Wow leverages the popular ‘makers’ trend, fulfilling consumers’ desire to put their personal stamp on most anything they own. The brand coincides with a surge of pop-culture interest in pom-poms, the on-trend and timeless adornments that are all the rage in the fashion, DIY and crafts industries.

Core Audience
Girls, ages six to 12 years

Pom Pom Wow Items and Suggested Retail Prices (US Dollars)
·         Starter Pack: $5.99
o    45 pom-poms in seven colors, 50 adhesive dots
·         Sparkle Pack: $7.99
o    55 pom-poms in six colors, 60 adhesive dots
·         Snap & Decorate Set: $9.99
o    50 pom-poms in five colors, 60 adhesive dots, 18 plastic letter snaps in four colors, three decorative cards, one roll of yarn
·         Ultimate Variety Pack: $14.99
o    120 pom-poms in four styles, 135 adhesive dots
·         Room & Locker Décor Set: $19.99
o    70 pom-poms in seven colors, 80 adhesive dots, one geometric mirror, three clips and yarn, four decorative cards, one ball, four carpet tiles, nine magnets
·         Decoration Station: $29.99
o    75 pom-poms in four colors, 85 adhesive dots, eight removable pom-pom trays, one removable water tray, one adhesive roll dispenser, two markers, one blotting cloth; one paintbrush, one pipette, four stamper pads; four watercolors, one glitter gel pen, one portable play set

Where to Buy: 
·                  Amazon
My Review

The Pom Pom Wow Decoration station is a great way to get those create juices flowing. I love that M will be able to color and place all poms to her liking.  I like all the "add-on" kits that you can purchase to go along with the decoration station.  

Since these are self adhesive poms, they should stick fairly well to things, but if you start seeing then laying around the house, I would maybe add a dab or two from a hot glue gun for extra hold. I really like that the carrying case keeps everything neat and together when not in use.  It arriving contained like that will encourage my daughter to clean up after she is finished.

Although mess like isn't a huge issue, I could see how some parents may be concerned with it. But I guarantee that your kids will have so much fun creating and decorating, I don't think mess will be an important factor.

Overall, I think the Pom Pom Wow would make a great gift for that special girl (or boy) in your life and recommend adding this to your Holiday shopping list.

I will update with a more in-depth review after the new year.


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