Monday, November 7, 2016

Buddy Bumper~Holiday Gift Guide

The next item included on my Holiday Gift Guide is the Bumper Buddy by BerriGood.  Have a toddler getting a new big kid bed for Christmas? Buying a gift for a Co-sleeping family? Give the gift of safety with the Bumper Buddy.

Featured Item: Bumper Buddy

The Bumper Buddy is a Non-toxic, chemical-free foam piece that is placed under your fitted sheet to gently keep little ones from rolling out of bed.

The Facts:
  • Made in USA-Bumper Buddy is sourced, made and assembled in the USA. You can trust BerriGood only makes high quality products.
  • Lifetime Guarantee- Buy with confidence knowing Bumper Buddy is backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Ideal length for any side bed- Rail Dimension: 56" long by 7.5" wide by 4.5" tall
  • Made with chemical-free polyurethane

Simply unroll the foam out of the packaging and insert underneath fitted sheets
  • Use 1 Bumper Buddy if your child's bed is up against a wall
  • Use 2 Bumper Buddies for protection on both sides
  • Use Bumper Buddy as a divider when sleeping with your child to avoid rolling over on them.

  • Allow up to 24 hours for foam to regain its full original shape after unpacking.
  • When foam is exposed to light it will start to change colors from white to yellow.

Price: $19.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

My Review
I really like this bumper. It was easy to install and it stays in place; even when push against it. Once I removed it from the package it took less than a day to regain its shape. I was surprised to discover that it didn't have a potent smell of chemicals like similar products. I remember when our memory foam mattress pad came out of the package; it smelled heavily for weeks.

I have deep pocket sheets but also have an extra 4 inch memory foam on top of our mattress so I was a little worried about the sheet not fitting properly after install. I guess I did not need to worry because my sheets fit securely without a problem. Obviously, the bed looks a little funky after being completely made in the morning but that is to be expected.

These will work for any size bed including a king sized bed; we have a king. I have never used the netted bumper rails because I always felt that they left an unsafe gap, so this is the perfect solution!


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