Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dino-Time: Holiday Gift Guide

My daughter loves dinosaurs, she always has. That being said, I am always looking for quality, non-toxic, and durable dinosaur toys. These dinosaurs seem to fit the bill quite nicely. They are great for imaginative play.

My favorite thing about this particular brand is their attention to detail. For being plastic toys they are pretty life-like. They are lightweight, durable, and the perfect size for little hands. Not too small and not too big. The vibrant and realistic colors couldn’t be more perfect.

Although it can be fun researching with the little ones to find out which is which, an informational page with the name, picture, and a little blurb about each dinosaur would make this brand stand out. The only minor shortcoming I noticed was that a few of the dinosaurs do not stand-alone which may cause frustration for some children, especially those that play with more than 2 at a time like my daughter (who likes to line them all up in a row).

Overall this set is very nice and would make a great gift for that little dinosaur enthusiast in your life. I received these in exchange for an unbiased review but did notice the regular price. Make sure to buy while on sale because as with any dinosaur toy they are not cheap.


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