Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easy Potty Training Outside the Home

Have you ever been traveling with a toddler and all of the sudden they have to go.  Panic sets in as you rush to find a bathroom.  If you do happen to locate a public restroom, chances are they are gross.  And on the other hand, if you cannot seem to locate one, looks like you child is squatting along the highway or having an accident. 

When we would travel with Little Miss M, we would pack a little potty chair in the trunk.  The only problem was that it did not have any type of lid/spill proof seal so we would have to dump it out immediately or drive with it and hope it did not spill over before we reached our destination (or a nearby restroom). 

Thankfully a very inventive Mom from the UK, was encountering the same problem and My Carry Potty was born. This easy to carry and leak proof travel potty facilitates potty learning success both inside and outside of the home.  
The design of this potty is pure genius and it is very easy to use.  One thing to make note of: to provide an effective seal and to keep curious kiddos from making a mess, the lid may seem stuck…it is not.  Simply twist the nose and pull open (pull hard if necessary).  To close just push down on the lid, when you hear the secure locking mechanism click, the potty is completely sealed.  With 3 unique designs and 3 bright and fun colors your child is sure to find the right potty for them.  

When our My Carry Potty arrived, my oldest (although too big for it) could hardly contain her excitement.  She cannot wait to start helping her little sister learn to use the potty.  And I suppose, in a pinch, she would be able to use it as well by hovering over it.
I love not having to worry about where to dump the potty while we are out and about.  I also like the extra large non-slip feet that keep the potty from sliding as your child gets on and off. I cannot wait until Baby A starts learning to use the potty, she will love her little ladybug.

As an added bonus to such a wonderful product…it came with a fun book with brightly colored pages called George and Hallie and the Magic Carry Potty.  This can be an effective tool when starting this journey.
Along with the story I also receive a potty chart and stickers, which is a great reward system!

So whether it’s a picnic at the park, a day at the beach, or a long road trip in the car, My Carry Potty has you and your little one covered!

 Love this potty chair?  I know we do!  Click here to learn more or purchase your own.


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