Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Simple and Stylish Way to Soothe a Teething Baby.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Teething bites (pun intended).  Finding relief for your little one can sometimes seem impossible.  All they want is for the pain to go away...chewing sometimes helps.  During this time, everything goes straight into their mouths.  And since babies have a hard time keeping hold of things, they are constantly hitting the dirty ground that we walk on.  Now the problem we face is germs.  So why not fashion a chewable necklace that allows you to hold them while they soothe.

RubyRoo Baby says it all, “Stylish teething necklaces make teething easier by making your baby's favorite place to be - your arms - a little more soothing with beautiful wearable teether that's safe and soft to chew.”  

 Style choices:



I have the Cora style RubyRoo Baby necklace in True Turquoise.  I chose this color because I wanted something bright that would catch Baby A's eye and keep her attention.  I love that it draws her attention away from the necklace that I have worn everyday since my Dad passed.  I was constantly prying it out of her hands and mouth but did not want to remove it.  Since I’m usually not the jewelry wearing type when she is not playing with it, I tuck it into my shirt or remove it and place it into its resealable bag.  However, if you are a jewelry gal and would like to coordinate with your wardrobe, they do have multiple colors available. 

Color Choices: 
Fresh Mint
True Turquoise
Strawberry Pink
Glacier Gray (only available with Cora)
Elegant Ivory (only available with Ava)

What I Love:
  • Soft food grade silicone beads are the perfect size and are individually knotted for safety
  • The nylon cord is smooth so it does not catch my hair 
  • Can be chilled in refridgerater for extra relief
  • Customizable 30-inch cord that you can customize to suit your style
  • Comes with a resealable bag for germ free travel
  • Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Truly keeps Baby A occupied and happy
Both Baby A and I are so happy that we tried RubyRoo Baby’s teething necklace.  Its nice to have something that won’t fall to the floor every time she drops it or moves onto something else and it keep her more focused when she is nursing.  With her no longer being so easily distracted nursing has become more pleasant for the both of us. #MakingLifeEasier! Thanks RubyRoo!

Make sure to stop by Amazon to order today!

 ***WARNING: This product is NOT a toy. Do not place jewelry around baby's neck or leave baby unattended with jewelry. Do not let baby chew on clasp; clasp is not chewable. Inspect jewelry before each use; if damaged, discard.


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