Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make memories for your children with KD Novelties

The introduction of a new sibling doesn't always go smoothly.  In fact, bringing home baby number two often leads to aggression, regression, jealousy, or a combinations of these negative behaviors. A personalized book on the subject could be the answer  to helping your child transition from only child to big brother or sister.  With A’s recent arrival, I was happy to have found a book for M at KD Novelties that did just that.  

Easy as 1-2-3
In a matter of minutes, I created M's personalized storybook (and keepsake).   To make choosing a book easier you can actually go on a virtual tour of each book.  This gives you a chance to see what you are purchasing and what is more awesome than that?!  You can even personalize it and then read a preview of what your published book will look like before placing your order.  Upon creating The Sibling Book, I was asked to give M's name and gender, hometown, and her siblings name and gender.  I was also given the option to write a dedication.  

The Product
This book is a sturdy 7x9 hardcover book, just the perfect size for little hands.  It has 36 beautifully illustrated pages that lightly address issues first children my face while coping with the arrival of a new sibling.  Since we also own KD Novelties Little One, Little One, What Do You See?  for McKenzie, big sis is no stranger to hearing her name is books.  Like M’s personalized book, I can assure you that this will become a family favorite and a frequent bedtime story request.

The website says to allow about a week in a half from the date of order for your book to arrive, but I received mine in just a few days.  The shipping is also reasonably priced.  KD is currently offering FREE priority shipping on orders of $50 or more!

And There’s More
KD Novelties not only has a huge variety of personalized books, but they also have CDs, DVDs, and book baskets all created especially for your child.  With Christmas just around the corner their CDs and bookmark buddies would make great socking stuffers! 

Would I recommend KD Novelties Absolutely!

You can browse their selection and/or make a purchase straight from their site.


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