Sunday, March 29, 2015

Handwriting Practice Made Easy! +FLASH GIVEAWAY!

Did you know that penmanship is no longer taught in public schools? Crazy right?  Being a homeschooling family, we are always looking for great tools to help guide us while we educate our children.   Which is why I am so happy to share a program called Startwrite 6.0 with you.

Startwrite 6 is a Windows only program designed to help your child when learning to write.  It is hands down the easiest way to create customized handwriting practice sheets. 
Startwrite 6.0 software has so many features and offers so much that I am unsure as to where to begin. You have the option to insert pictures, change the page orientation, add graphics and boarders, and determine what type of guidelines work best for your child.

Also included is a feature that offers clip-art so that pictures can be placed next to the text box or anywhere on the page.  Helping children put a “face” to the word, which is perfect for young readers.  You can also insert your own pictures!!
Altering the guidelines to meet your child’s needs is super easy.  You can make them solid lines, dotted lines, thick, thin, or you may choose to turn them off altogether.  And don’t worry about having to use the boring standardized blue and red lines, because Startwrite allows you to change their color.  We changed ours to Little Miss M’s favorite colors: Purple and Pink.

Startwrite is versatile and does not have to be solely for writing.  It can be used for all subjects.  For example, you can build counting, telling time, weather or geography sheets.
 Another neat feature is that you can add borders around each text box and the possibilities are endless.  StartWrite 6.0 comes with pictures that can go around the text boxes that correspond with each letter of the alphabet and also feature some other little pictures and symbols to make the worksheet look more fun.
Not feeling like making a worksheet from scratch?  Startwrite has you covered by including pre-made handwriting practice worksheets in their software. 

An added bonus, Startwrite 6 is Bilingual.  Spanish fonts make it easy for Spanish-speaking students to practice writing in their own language, and for English-speaking children to learn Spanish.

Not only will this program save time but it will also save us money!!  This program is a wonderful investment, and a great addition to any home.

Try the free trial version, or purchase it for 39.95.

To be entered to win simply leave your first name and your email in a comment below.  A winner will be randomly selected 3/30/15 @ 10p


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