Friday, September 26, 2014

Bringing Imagination to Life with "Anything Can Happen In Mrs. Whynot's Room" ( +GIVEAWAY)

Last night I sat down and read Little Miss M Anything Can Happen In Mrs. Whynot’s Room  by Jayne Peters.   This well-written and beautifully illustrated childrens book tells a story about using your imagination to create something wonderful; much like Jayne Peters did while writing such a great story.  Although a bit advanced for a 4 year old, Miss M absolutely loved it.  Not only did she listen intently to every word but she studied every picture.  So much in fact that she even noticed Jayne’s first book, Messy Jessy (which we own), lying on the floor of Mrs. Whynot’s story corner.  M also loved that Marcy’s final story starred a princess and a dragon (dragons are her favorite right now). 

“In Mrs. Whynot’s classroom writing is magical; pencils hover and clay characters come to life. But… everyone has something they find difficult and Marcy is no exception. She would like to do ANYTHING but write. She has NOTHING to write about. By talking to her classmates, playing with words and listening to stories Marcy realizes she has lots of tales to tell.”

Jayne Peters and Illustrator Traci Van Wagoner have truly created a brilliant story about bringing your imagination to life and recording your thoughts onto paper.  I would definitely recommend this book be added to every household’s library collection. 

Jayne Peters currently has 3 published children’s books (including Anything Can Happen In Mrs. Whynot’s Room).  Her first book, Messy Jessy is a charming paperback about loving oneself no matter what.

 Released in December of 2013 came her second book, Whispering Wings which is one about the importance of patience, helpfulness, cooperation, friendliness and determination. 

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