Sunday, January 19, 2014 3 Month Progress Report!

If you have not heard of it, is an online early learning academy.  It uses a 6 Step Learning Path (7 if you include Toddler Time) that goes all the way through kindergarten.  I cannot stress how has changed our lives.  Little Miss M is advancing so fast, its unbelievable.  Within just one week she started to read/recognize numbers 1-5!   And as a homeschooling family we definitely appreciate the supplementary support.

I love that Early Learning Academy allows Little Miss M to have control over her learning.  She chooses the activities she wants to do, making her more eager and willing to learn.  I have to pull her away when her computer time is up.  And its never a fight to get her learning!

She is about 50% through level one (for her age), which I am totally ok with.  She is learning at her own pace and we all know that is the best way too learn.  Some days she signs on with the intention of only going on to check on her fish tank and hamster but ends up playing so she can purchase supplies for them.  The rewards system is a huge part of why she wants to play.  

In only 3 short months, we have tackled numbers 1-5 and the letters A-I.  And by tackled, I mean recognition, writing, and sound!

Little Miss M absolutely loves that the program theme changes with the season.   With each season/Holiday the city on the map is “decorated” and new special activities are available.  I love this because it keeps everything new and exciting!
Here is the theme as of today! Needs a little more snow but its pretty accurate, lol!
Another great thing that we have found with ABCmouse is that they are constantly updating the program and adding material!  They recently added the Pet Park tab, allowing you to visit the park and choose from a selection of house pets to care for.  Like the other pets available in the game, these require attention.  Your child is “responsible” for feeding, playing with, bathing, and teaching their pets.  This house pet also accompanies your child’s avatar to multiple areas of the program.  Little Miss M wishes that she could have them all follow her around.     
Since she loves animals, she is constantly visiting both the Zoo and the Farm to play games and hear facts about each animal.  She also loves the Theater section located in the mall on the map.  The Theater is full of fun letter songs and videos; from A-Z they’ve got you covered.   
She does not like doing the custom lessons that I have set up for her using the Lesson builder because she does not get a prize at the end like she does with the pre-planned lessons.   It would be nice if I were able to award her tickets at will.  In order for parents to distribute tickets they need to send in a testimonial or update their account, but even then that is only a one-time thing.   It would also be nice to be able to change the amount of tickets awarded for certain activities.

Regardless of that slight drawback, is one of the best learning resources out there for tot to kindergarten.  It is still and will remain a part of our daily lessons until she has learned it all. 

What to learn more?  You can read my full review here!

Oh, and another great thing about this program is that you can register multiple children on one account at no extra cost! 

Would I recommend? Absolutely!  At only $7.95/mo or $79/yr, you wont find a better price for such an amazing program.  It is very reasonably priced and well worth the investment.

 **Now you can see for yourself...try Early Learning Academy absolutely free for 30 days by clicking here.

We have made a part of our learning and now you can too.

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  1. ABC Mouse is amazing. I read a review on a blog and signed up for the free trial a couple of months ago. My daughter just loves it. I don't really keep track of her progress as she is only 2 but she is progressing. I am amazed at all of the stuff she has learned. She knows how to use a mouse. Can access the site from a bookmark. She can do puzzles, books, and songs. It is unreal how great this program, even for really little ones.

    She asks me each night if she can play mouse. I usually let her play for about 15 minutes or so. Her favorite part is the fish tank. She has even figured out that she has to do more activities to get tickets to buy more fish.


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