Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good-bye Nemo!

Today was a sad day in the Party of Three house.  Poor little M had to say goodbye to her first pet fish.  Being a fish, little Nemo sometimes got overlooked and that is exactly what happened this week.  He got fed on a regular basis but other than that he was often just an after thought.  

During the fall and winter seasons we like to keep energy costs down by keeping our thermostat low at 64-66.  If we are cold we just put on more clothes, but poor Nemo did not have that option.  We did not consider the fact that his tank may get too cold and that we should invest in a small heater for his tank.  Mommy and Daddy fail.

M is doing fine now and we have plans to go get another Betta soon (and a heater)!

RIP Nemo "Silly" Fish

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  1. Aww,that's so sad! My son lost one of his fish a couple of weeks ago and he was devastated. I should get a little heater too,I hadn't even thought of that! Hugs to your little one.


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