Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Electrolux Canister Vacuum Review

I have never really liked canister vacuums until I got my Electrolux EL6988E Oxygen Canister Vacuum.   This vacuum is the the best vacuum I have ever owned.  I can clean everything in the house right from the floor to the ceiling.  It has a multi-surface powerhead that can be used for almost every surface.   Plus vacuuming under the bed is a breeze! And with its fingertip controls, you can switch between carpets and hard floors without even bending down.  

But that's not even my favorite part!  My favorite part is the auto cord rewind button which can be used with your foot!  The Electrolux Canister Vacuum is only 13 lbs., has a 21' power cord, and can be easily pushed around the house.  It has a HEPA filtration system which traps dust and allergens very efficiently.   The  Anti-Allergy S-bag makes for easy disposal.   

Like most vacuums it comes with multiple tools and a telescopic wand which makes uninterrupted above-floor cleaning so simple.  I am so in love with this vacuum.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention how quiet this vacuum is. Another huge plus in my book! 

The only down side to this vacuum is that some places have discontinued this particular model to make room for a newer model.  

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Disclaimer:  No compensation was given for this review.  All opinions are my own.


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