Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What To Do...

As you all may know, M is almost 3.  Yep, that means we are still in the terrible two's!  Her behavior lately has been very sassy and disrespectful.  As far as "consequences" go, we do definitely have to pick our battles.  But when we do have to remind her of her behavior (usually with time-outs) she goes crazy.  She feels like she is missing out; which is not really the point of our time-outs.  I want her to reflect on her behavior and try to rectify the situation.  Instead she gets so upset and worked up that she ends up throwing up...EVERY single TIME!!!  As you can imagine this is so totally frustrating and really gross.  

I suppose on some level I understand.  When I was little, I would cry until I passed out.  The first time it happened my mom nearly had a panic attack.  And even now when I get really upset, my lips start to turn white.  I am old enough now to power past it.  I know its not quite the same but once we get past the point of no return we almost can't control it. 

So what do we do?

We do not spank; so that's out, Time-outs get her all worked up, causing her to vomit and she IS only 2.  So I want to find a more composed approach.  We may try taking away certain privileges or starting a reward system, like a behavior chart.  I do always TRY to talk rationally to her, without yelling...but I don't always succeed.  

Hubby and I are still brainstorming to find a better solution...

What are some creative techniques that you use when you kids misbehave?


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