Thursday, October 25, 2012

Think Pink Giveaway!

Are Hosting this 
Final Breast Cancer Awareness Event
"Power In Pink Ribbons"
Lets face it Cancer totally sucks!
The Grand Finale to this months Breast Cancer Awareness Events and Giveaways
is being Dedicated To Denise Dobs a mother, wife friend and associate that
many of us lost this last January, to the courageous battle with breast cancer 
R.I.P. to "ALL" those that have lost loved ones. Our Blessings are with those 
that are currently combating cancer and those that are survivors!!!

We thank all our bloggers that have given their time and effort in helping to promote the "Power In Pink Ribbons Event". 
You have the opportunity to help spread the word and bloggers can do it. 
Please join me in this fight and talk about it with your friends, husband and your families.
Get Your Annual Mammograms!!!

Think pink and enter to now for a chance to win some wonderful prizes!! Good Luck


  1. I have not had cancer, my cousin just had both her breasts removed a couple weeks ago and my sister is battling with colon cancer. My family has suffered several types of cancer over the years.

    1. Carolyn thank you for sharing your story, prayers with your cousin, and your family!!

  2. yes, many people I know are survivors, and many have unfortunately lost the battle.

  3. yes my mommy....but she's better!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  4. My Papa had colon cancer removed and my grandmother-in-law (is that a relation? It's my husbands grandmother) was diagnosed with leukemia. They are both holding up well!


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