Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step back...

M has been out of her cloth diapers for quite a while now.  Like every toddler, she has the occasional accident but not anything major.  She has been doing so well.  She runs to the bathroom, gets her stool to turn on the light, pulls her pants down, and sits on her potty.  The only things she really needs help with is wiping.  

Which brings us to today...

M had not one, not two, but three accidents today.  She had two pee-pee accidents during our day at the zoo and one after we got home.  AND she peed on the couch yesterday after taking a 2 hour nap (she was awake when she peed).  She announces that she is going while she is peeing, but of course by then its too late to take action.  Granted we've had two very busy days in the hot sun.  And during those days we have also had a ton of water. 

We haven't been rewarding her lately because it has been so long since she has had multiple accidents.  I know that regression is normal with early potty learning...but 4 accidents in 2 days!!  I don't get it.  

Is it the busy days, the sun, normal regression, or just wanting to go where its convenient?  Maybe its that her brain is working extra hard because of her age and it just doesn't tell her in time.  She is feeling fine; no temp or anything out of the ordinary.  We are NOT a spanking family, nor do I believe in punishing for potty accidents.  If this continues, we may have to pull out the old potty chart again.  I'm at a loss as to what to do.  

What would you do?

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  1. I would start asking a regular intervals if she needs to go potty and if she says no but has an accident later, I would start making her try to go even if she says no. It should straighten out before long. Although I do support spanking with love, I definitely would not spank for potty accidents.


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