Thursday, September 20, 2012

Potty Time DVD Review & Giveaway!

Potty learning can be difficult some times, but when children have fun and are engaged they respond in very positive ways.  That is why I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the Potty Time -You Can Do It Pack by Two Little Hands Productions, LLC.  
Included in the "You Can Do It Pack" was a Hopkins plush, a potty reminder watch, and of course the DVD/CD combo. The potty reminder watch is so neat.  You can set to go off every 30, 60, or 90 minutes to remind your child to try and use the potty.  It also has a "play" mode so you can just hit the button and dance to the music.  This watch is a great addition to ANY potty learning method.

I was very impressed with the overall presentation of the DVD.  The music was encouraging and exciting and it made going to the bathroom look like so much fun.   My daughter was singing, dancing, celebrating, and learning all at the same time.  I even found myself singing along to some of the songs. With this DVD potty learning is a positive and enjoyable experience for both the child and parent.
After watching the show just one time my two year old could do almost all of the signs.  And what impressed me most was how discrete they were with the words “poop” and “pee”.  They left those signs out of the songs but included them in the bonus features so you can teach your children whatever term you want for those signs.

The DVD is made up of segments using both real people and animated characters to demonstrate the signs.  My favorites segments are:
  • Potty Dance (Potty, Wipe, Flush, Wash)
  • Stop What You're Doing (and Go)
  • Uh-oh Accident

Some of the ASL signs taught on this DVD include: Grow, Love, I Love You (ILY), Help, Amazing, Body, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Wake Up, Diaper, Potty, Wipe/Clean, Flush, Wash Hands, All Done/Finished, Water, Soap, Stop, Go, Underwear, Accident, Try, Careful, and Celebrate.  However if you watch closely you can learn a few other signs as well.
Even the bonus features of this DVD are great!  They include a silent review of signs and some other helpful potty learning words like "wet", "dry", and "privacy".  Plus it comes with its very own Potty Time CD, which features 9 original songs, with a sing-along track for each one!
Two Little Hands productions has also created a whole website dedicated to helping you during your potty adventure.  You’ll find downloadable potty charts, tips, and even an app for your phone!

I feel that children learn best with music, movement and fun, which is why Potty Time is the perfect tool for any potty training method you choose. 

So sing, sign and dance your way through potty learning with host Rachel Coleman and her animated pals Leah, Alex, & Hopkins. 

Buy it!
You can purchase Potty Time DVD + Music CD at for $24.95.
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  1. I love all of them! I really want to own all of the volumes of Baby Signing Time!

  2. I swear I commented the other day and now it's not here. Weird. Well, I only have an 8 month old so we're not quite to potty training yet, but I think this would be a great tool to use when the time comes!

  3. I would love to own this DVD/CD! I'm a proud mama to an 8 mo old, but we've been talking about starting potty training soon - the goal is to have her potty trained by 1 year (aiming high, I know! :)

  4. The last entry is for a giveaway that has ended, can I enter another giveaway for that entry?

    1. Yes you may! Any of my current giveaways will be fine!


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