Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting Rid of Cable....

If you really think about it do you really need 8000 channels?  Can you even watch that many?  Even as a SAHM, I do not have the time to watch a ton of TV.  So for the past 2 years, we have been without cable.  Can't say that I miss it all that much.  I mean, don't get me wrong I do have shows that I enjoy.  And I would love to see them the day they air but it just seemed silly to pay $100 a month for just a few shows.

Instead I catch them when they hit the internet.  There are a ton of legal and free sights out there.  I personally like Hulu because they have a huge selection of TV show.  You can watch their free shows or pay $14/month for unlimited access to all of their content.  There is also Netflix which is about the same price but is a bit more movie based so it only has a small selection of TV shows.  The only negative thing about Netflix is that you have to wait forever for the new episodes, but Hulu airs them the next day! 

So if you are living within a small budget it might be wise to look into losing your cable.  And if you look you can find internet alone for a good price and remember "bundling" isn't always better.


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