Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop Giveaway & Review

Here at the Party of Three house we have hardwood flooring all throughout our entire house and keeping it clean is less than enjoyable.  Having to worry about streaking, having to get on my hands and knees to reach those pesky corners, waiting 30 minutes for the floors to dry, hauling the bucket from room to room, and the list goes on.  So I am happy to have found a wonderful alternative to the traditional mop and bucket.
Allergy Buyers Club recently sent me the
Sienna Luna Plus Steam
Mop to review and let me tell you, I am never turning back!   This is a mop like no other.   Not only does it convert into a handheld steamer cleaner perfect for windows and counters but the Luna Plus makes cleaning the floor a breeze with its Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology.   Dirt and grime are no match to this revolutionary technology dues to its 5400 vibrations per minute; giving you a powerful deep cleaning scrubbing effect and tackling those heavily soiled areas with ease.

I was a tad concerned that it would not clean the corners well since I have not found a mop product that does but those concerns were quickly dismissed after my first use.  T
hanks to its 180-degree swivel head and super low profile, it is easy to maneuver around corners and under objects; therefore reaching places my other mop couldn’t. 
So no more touching up those pain in the rear corners on my hands and knees.

Not only is the Luna Plus easy to assemble but it’s even easier to use.  Unlike other steam mops the Luna Plus takes maybe 30 seconds to start steaming after pushing the power button.  It has 3 steam settings making it an acceptable cleaning tool for any type of sealed floor.  From stone and tile to hardwood and v
inyl.   And it even comes equipped with a carpet glider.

For light cleaning and sanitizing of laminate, hardwood, or marble flooring the dust setting is recommended.  The mop setting should be used for the everyday cleaning of hardwood, tile, marble and stone; anything hotter on hardwood floors could possibly ruin your floor.  And for a deep clean, on floors like tile, stone or sanitizing the carpet you should use scrub setting.

Fully equipped with a black light germ sensor and a LED headlamp you will never again have to worry about missing spots.  The LED headlight does a terrific job of lighting the cleaning path, making it the perfect tool for those darker areas like under beds and furniture.  The water level indicator is also a nice addition so you can catch it before it runs out of water. 

I love that it has a 13” wide cleaning path with a removable micropad that hangs over the sides of the head insuring that every inch of your floor gets clean.  It is self standing which is a huge plus, but it would be nice if the handle could twist so I could store it flat against the wall or better yet hang it. The power cord is 25 feet long for an incredible reach but it would be nice to have an auto rewind button for quick and easy storage.

The thing I love most about the steam mop is that is chemical free. Having a small child in the house this was a huge bonus for me.

A slight downside to this steam mop is the relatively small water tank, but since there is no need for a cool down period, the tank can easily be filled on the go using its custom fill cup.  To be fair the water reservoir is larger than those of other steam mops but the cleaning time is still limited to about 15 minutes.
I am definitely going to have to treat myself and get the 12 piece accessories kit, I would love to try the squeegee tool to clean my windows and give my stove a good cleaning!  The accessories kit also includes a steam cleaning head with an eco microfiber pad, 2 Round brass brushes, 4 Round nylon brushes, concentrator nozzle, extension hose, and a shoulder strap.
Overall, I a very impressed with not only the Luna Plus versatility but its ability to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the use of chemicals.  It is nice to finally have a streak free shine to our floors with out taking up my whole day.
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