Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rolling Dice - Fun with Math {Sponsored by}

Ready for a game that's mostly about strategy with a little luck thrown in for good measure? This dice game is a great way for your child to practice all of the basic math facts and get strategic about deciding when he wants to take a risk, and when he wants to play it safe. Make math fact practice exciting and start rolling the dice!

Rolling Dice 

What You Need:
2 dice
2–4 players
White lined paper or ¼ inch graph paper (one sheet per player)

What You Do:
1. Have each player rolls a die and explain that the player who rolls the highest number gets to go first.
2. Now the first player should roll both dice and multiply the two numbers rolled to find their product.

3. Have your child write the product down on the paper. For example, if Player One rolls a 3 and a 5 he should multiply 3 by 5 and write 15 down on his piece of paper.
4. Player One has a choice; he can decide to roll both dice again or choose to pass them to the next player. Why wouldn't a player want to roll again? Well...this game has a few catches:
-If a player rolls a one or a three on his second turn, he must find the product of the two numbers he rolled and then subtract the product from his total.

-If a player rolls a one and a three on his second turn, he must divide his total in half and subtract half of the points he's earned so far. If he rolls a one and a three on his second turn he loses all the points earned so far in the game and must return to zero. The dice then get passed to the next player.

5. If he chooses to roll again, have him multiply the two numbers and add, subtract or divide to determine his new total.
6. Now it's the second player's turn. She can decide to roll the dice either once or twice and perform the necessary calculations to find her total.
7. Players continue to take turns and perform calculations.
8. The first player to reach 300 points is the winner.

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