Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TRU Lite Bedding Products ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Looking for a practical gift this year?  TRU Lite Bedding has some great products that we would like to add to our Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Edition.

1st Featured Item: Premium Waterproof Cotton Mattress Protector

·         Protect against dust mites, allergens, bacteria, germs, urine and other liquids that can make beds and mattresses filthy. You and your loved ones deserve a healthy environment for sleeping. Reduce allergic reactions and discomfort that can disrupt rest. Contains no phthalates, vinyl, PVC, or other irritants.

·         Spills, sweat, urine, and smells will not penetrate onto your mattress.  No more deep cleaning and disinfecting your mattress.

·         With it’s soft, absorbent, and breathable terry cotton you will stay cool throughout the night.  Designed to sleep cool and comfortably with no noise or crinkly plastic sounds.

·         Easy to remove and place on your bed. Slips on just like a fitted sheet.
With elastic sides, it will not bunch up, slide around or slide off the corners of your mattress.  Comes in all sizes - Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Crib Mattress. Machine washable for convenience.

Retail Price: Starting at $59.99 (currently $22.95)
Where to Buy: Amazon

2nd Featured Item: Mattress / Bed Cover - Premium Smooth Mattress Protector

 Completely Protect Your Mattress From Liquids, Bacteria and Dust Mites with TRU Lite Bedding.

Safe Sleeping for Allergy, Eczema, and Asthma Sufferers
Constructed from hypoallergenic materials 
No phthalates, vinyl, PVC, or toxic materials
Protect your family from dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, and other allergens

A Fresh Clean Bed Every Night
100% Waterproof to lock away spills, stains and smells
Perspiration, urine, oil, and other bodily fluids cannot get into mattress
Prevents unsightly staining and lingering odors

Sleep Soundly in a Comfortable Bed
No noisy or crinkling sounds
Breathable microfiber fabric keeps you cool for maximum comfort
Deep pockets fit over pillow-topped mattresses and bed toppers

Easy to Use and Clean
Goes on and off as easy as a fitted sheet
Machine washable
Tumble dry low to preserve waterproof lining

Save Money
Ends the need for mattress deep cleaning and disinfecting
Keeps mattresses in better condition, extending the life of your investment
Lifetime warranty means no risk for you

Retail Price: Starting at $69.99 (currently $18.99)
Where to Buy: Amazon

3rd Featured Item: Bed Wetting Pads
Get The Ultimate In Incontinence and Bed wetting Protection With TRU Lite Bedding's Ultra Absorbent Bed Pads.

Protects Bedding From Moisture Damage and Unsightly Stains
Prevents damage to blankets, mattress toppers and sheets 
Reduces laundry costs and the cost of replacements

Super Absorbent to Lock in Moisture
Ultra effective core can absorb the equivalent of 8 cups of water.
Ensures even large accidents are quickly absorbed reducing discomfort
Reduces potential for skin irritation and sores

Suitable for Adult Incontinence, Child Bed wetting, or Pet Owners
Allows children to sleep soundly by eliminating the need to change bedding overnight
Copes with all levels of adult incontinence from mild to severe
Useful for temporary medical conditions which cause incontinence
Place under pet beds, litter boxes, or other common areas your pet lays.

Quilted for a Comfortable Night's Sleep
Made from super soft fabric and quilted for maximum comfort.
No noisy plastic crinkling noises when turning in bed

Easy to Fit and Maintain
Fitting them on the bed is extremely simple to do
Machine washable and can be dried in the tumble dryer
Can be used time and time again, saving you money and inconvenience

Retail Price: Starting at $18.04
Where to Buy: Amazon

4th Featured Item: TRU Lite Baby's Crib Mattress Protector Pad

Accidents, leaky diapers, and spilled bottles all go right into the mattress and create a perfect breeding ground for mold, dust mites, and GUNK!

The Softest Bamboo Rayon Fiber in Quilted Terry - Featuring superior comfort, high absorbency and stain protection for your crib.

The TRU Lite Baby's Bamboo Rayon Fiber Crib Mattress Protector is a must-have accessory for Moms.

The Benefits Include:

  • Super Soft Surface - you don't even need a sheet.
  • Highly Absorbent, Durable, Breathable, and Waterproof
  • Easy Maintenance - Machine wash on cold separately, Put in the dryer on low heat.
  • Easy to put on a standard crib mattress- Fits like a fitted sheet

CAUTION: High dryer temperatures will damage the waterproof layer

As with all TRU Lite products, the Baby's Bamboo Rayon Fiber Crib Mattress Protector is backed with a Lifetime Satisfaction no-hassle FREE replacement guarantee.

Retail Price: Starting at $24.99 (currently $17.99)
Where to Buy: Amazon


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