Friday, November 11, 2016

The Holding Cell Giveaway~ Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Edition

The next product to be added to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is a wonderful product that was invented by a Mom to make life with a cell phone a little easier.  I introduce to you the Holding Cell.    

Featured Product
The Holding Cell was created to alleviate the everyday issues we experience storing and charging our phones at night.  Sick of your phone slipping off the nightstand, getting lost in the sheets or under the bed, don’t have a nightstand, or simply disconnecting from the charger and dying during the night? 

The Holding Cell is the answer to it all.  Plus, it’s an effective phone mount for people recovering from a difficult pregnancy or medical operation.  It’s compatible with most smart phones, cell phones, mobile phones, baby monitors or remote controls.

It can be used anywhere- on a bed, couch, dorm, wall, kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, boat, RV or Hospital Bed. Get the mobile support you need anytime, anywhere, without disrupting your sleep or your morning. 

My Review
When I first opened the Holding Cell I was extremely impressed with the sturdiness of the entire thing.  It is made with a high strength, heat resistant Polycarbonate and was built to last.  One of my favorite features is the fact that it catches your cord so you no longer have to search for it or your phone.  It is super versatile and can be adjusted to fit any phone and go anywhere.  You can slide it in between mattress, couch cushion, or attach to the wall with screws or Velcro.  I used 2 Command Velcro strips to attach it to my headboard and I will be ordering another for the kitchen to make reading recipes off of my phone a little easier. The Holding Cell is definitely worth every penny. 

How it Works
1. Panel slides under mattress with ridges to grip
2. Tensioned tri-hinge technology so it stays in place
3. Center retains any charging cord so it never ends up on the floor
4. Adjust height up and down to fit any phone or device
5. Holding slot allows you to clip your cord for easy access
6. Holes for screws through to the wall 
7. Raised flat strips on the back to attach adhesive strips or Velcro when being used on a wall


Suggested Retail Price $19.95

Where to Buy
As of right now you can purchase The Holding Cell through the My Holding Cell webpage and on Amazon but will soon be available at Walmart and Babies R Us

Giveaway Time!
Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Party of Four is giving away THREE of The Holding Cells!!  Just enter using the Giveaway Tools form below. Good Luck!


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