Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Best Way To Get Your Reluctant Child To Wipe Themselves- Success in Potty Learning

Yes, the diaper phase is finally over!  For some its smooth sailing with no more poopy butts, for others it’s the dreaded battle of the “Wipe me’s”.  If your child is like mine and refuses to wipe after going “number 2” here is the perfect solution:  Make it fun!  I know what you are thinking, “Seriously make wiping your butt fun?” but bear (or should I say bare, lol) with me. Follow these simple steps to fully complete the “Potty Learning” process.

  1.  Prep. Purchase a package of flushable wipes and the corresponding reusable wipes container.  Once you buy the container you can purchase the off brand wipes, which are usually less expensive to put inside.  Or better yet make your own wet wipes. Just google "homemade wet wipes" for multiple tutorials.
  1. Decorate. Pull out the stickers, googly eyes, markers, paints, or whichever creative activity your child likes to do the most and let them create and make the container special. 

  1. Pick a “name”. Explain that these wipes are for big girls and boys who wipe themselves.  With my daughter we called them her Very Super Special Big Girl Wipes. 

  1. Placement. Find a special, easy to reach place in the bathroom and put the container there.  It may be beneficial to let your child find the perfect spot.  Important: Make sure they can be reached from the toilet!!

  1. Disposal. I do not like things other then toilet paper being flushed down our toilet. However, if you don’t mind them being flushed, flushing too many at once could clog the toilet.  If you do not want to police how many wipes your child flushes down the toilet it helps to have a special small trash can nearby.  We use the Round Brushed Stainless Steel Step 3L Trash Can that we found on Amazon.  We like it because it is small, easy to empty, fingerprint resistant, and blends perfectly with our bathroom décor. M likes it because she gets to open it with her foot.
  1. Reward.  Whether it be a sticker on a chart, a quarter for their bank, or a pat on the back always make sure to let them know that they did a great job.

By making it fun and exciting we were able to encourage our little one to wipe 100% by herself.  To ensure success, give your child the confidence they need by making the task at hand fun and exciting! 

 What is the biggest "potty" obstacle you've encountered with your child?


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