Thursday, November 19, 2015

Not Just an Ordinary Pillow - Pillow Pets Review

I’m sure you have heard of them.  They are high quality plush with Velcro straps that can be changed from an adorably comfortable pillow into a stuffed animal.  They are extremely soft, cuddly friends that your kids will just adore. 

I know what you may be thinking,  “that’s a pricey pillow.”  But they are so much more than just a pillow.  They are super versatile “friends” that are great for trips, play time, nap time, bedtime, and a cuddly companion that your child won’t want to put down.  What I love about Pillow Pets is just how easily they transform from a cuddly friend to a pillow.  There’s a strap underneath that secures with Velcro when you are not using it as a pillow.  It holds the animal together very well and makes it super easy for the kids to play with or carry around.  I also like that there is a fabric flap that covers the rough part of the Velcro and keeps it from getting filled with lint or tearing up other parts of the pillow.

The fact that these are so versatile makes them the perfect travel buddy and an all around snuggly friend the kids can take with them wherever we go.

The stitching is consistent and they are sewn well. The fur does not come off on anything and there are no missing patches of fur.  These My Pillow Pets are multi-functional. They're soft and nice for both adults and children to hug and cuddle at night. I really think that the price is reasonable when you consider that these toys provide “companionship”, possible security comfort, and are perfectly portable for children or adults to travel with in the car. 

I would definitely recommend Pillow Pets to any family with young children. The quality is great, and with their very large selection of Pillow Pets, you’re sure to find one your child will absolutely love.


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