Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Fun At the Festival!

Last week Sunday, we packed the family, pushed the Onstar button, and we were off to Holly, Michigan.  The Michigan Renaissance Festival is a great place for the whole family!  This was actually my first time to the festival as an adult and the kids first time ever!  We had a blast!  For those of you planning a trip, make sure to arrive early.  We arrived 20 minutes before it opened to beat traffic and still had to park in overflow parking.  Though parking went smoothly, expect to walk a bit (since the festival is in the woods).  Dressing up is super fun but not required.  I dressed as a wench, hubby wore a kilt, and we dressed M and baby A up as fairies.  The atmosphere was super welcoming and everyone was very kind (with the exception of verbal mercenary and comedian Christophe the Insultor). This was definitely a judgement free zone.   

 From peasants to royalty, the people of the village of Hollygrove visit entertain guests and provide a day to remember! Highlights include the thrilling full contact joust with armored knights and horses, the intensity of the Human Combat Chess Match and the hilarity of acts like the Washing Well Wenches. Music fills the air with Tartanic, Crannog and other talented bands. 
Not all of the music was good music. These trolls were terrible singers, lol.  We definitely gave them some "hush" money. :)  
The Realm is filled with amazing artisans who offer their unique wares and often share their skills in craft demonstrations. Beautiful glassware, crafted leather, exotic jewelry and Renaissance clothing are just a few examples of the masterpieces that can be found in the marketplace.  We purchased a wooden sword and shield for M.  Next time she said she would like a necklace filled fairy dust, 

Visitors are advised to skip breakfast and save their appetite for the fresh baked goods, soup in a bread bowl, Scotch eggs, apple dumplings and of course, the famous turkey legs that are cooked over an open flame. The array of foods is overwhelming and sure to satisfy any cravings! It is truly fun for the whole family since the Renaissance Festival also offers games, human-powered rides, and a Children’s Realm that features a castle playscape as well as free activities for younger visitors.

 The Children's Realm was a blast.  There are so many activities for little ones, a lot of which are free!!  The have human-powered rides, face-painting, fairy dust station, and so much more.  From the fairies to the Queen everyone treated M like a fairy princess.  She has already asked to go back.  Her favorite parts were the mermaids and the children's river-dancing.   Although when we first saw the mermaids, M was a bit thrown off because they only spoke "mermaid/dolphin".  As a matter of fact no one that worked the festival broke character!! 
Mermaid admiring M's wings
Watching river dancing 
Petting farm
Making magic wands
 Overall we had a really nice time and will definitely go again!
If you are in Michigan this Fall (or any Fall for that matter), you have to be sure to check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival! They have various theme weekends and it's open every weekend til October 4th. 10am - 7pm rain or shine!

You can find any information you need on the Michigan Renaissance Festival website

All photos on this blog post belong to me and may not be used without my permission. I received compensated tickets this event for blogging about my experience. Many thanks to the Michigan Renaissance Festival for hosting my family and I at this special event!


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