Monday, May 11, 2015

Say Good-Bye to tangles!!!

Little Miss M has super fine hair that always manages to get tangled.  And not just a bit tangled, I’m talking HUGE terrible knots.  Combs and hard bristled brushes hurt her.  We have had some luck with soft bristled brushes but they are certainly not pain free.   She hates having her hair brushed so much that sometimes she throws a fit and refuses to sit still. Thanks to Sh&Sh hair brush’s unique design, the “fight” is over.  
I no longer have to fight M to brush her hair.  Sometimes she actually reminds me to brush it or she takes it upon herself to brush it.  The rubbery handle won’t slip out of your hand and is the perfect size for both kids and adults.  The Sh&Sh glides through her hair with ease and she very rarely complains about it pulling. 

Since it can be used on both wet and dry hair we brush in the morning and before bed after bath time. We also sometimes use it throughout the day because it helps tame M’s crazy out of control static cling. 

I love that it fits nicely in my purse or diaper bag.  And she absolutely loves the mirror on the back!  She will brush one part of her hair and then flip the brush over to see how it looks.

I have seen this particular brush circling the internet a for the last few months and it looked too fun not to try. I’m happy I did.  This is the best brush I have ever used! It’s certainly a revolutionary one and the best way to manage your hair!

Feel free to visit Amazon to learn more.


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