Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bring Your Toddler To The Dinner Table with the Tidy Table Tray! +Giveaway!

Mealtime can be a super messy experience when you have a toddler.  When Little Miss M was a little smaller and just learning to feed herself, I was not only finding food on her lap and the table, but I was also finding a ton of food that had fallen to the floor.  A huge mess that I dreaded cleaning after every meal.  Now that we are expecting our second child, I have been searching for a solution. 

Here’s what I found…

Bambinos! Tidy Tray Table +Flexi-Diner.  This innovative tray is designed to clip securely onto your dining table and is guaranteed to make your life easier at mealtime.  The Tidy Table Tray is both BPA & Phthalate free making it safe for your child to eat any dropped food.  Its patented top dishwasher safe insert can be easily removed for a quick and painless clean up. The tray also includes a cup holder and 2 compartments for snacks or veggies. 

The main thing that I love about the Tidy Table Tray is that it completely eliminates the need for a bulky, expensive high chair and brings the child to the table with the rest of the family.  Moving your child to the table leaves them feeling included and gives them the opportunity to observe and learn the dynamics occurring at the dinner table.  

Need proof that this tray actually works? Below is a picture of the mess that could have been...there would have been ketchup on M's shirt and noodles on the floor. Instead, the mess was all trapped on the tray!  All I had to do was remove the green tray and wipe it down in the sink. Totally AWESOME, Right?!

Unfortunately, my current dining table sticks out some around the edges (as shown in the picture), so the Tidy Table Tray does not fit very securely.  I do have a relatively old table and I am hoping that when we upgrade soon it will fit better.  It does however fit on M’s little picnic table PERFECTLY.

The Tidy Table Tray insert was designed to be used with boosters and most restaurant style highchairs.  With Little Miss M being 4, she is still able to use this tray but is no longer in a booster (because she refuses).  So the green lip that keeps the food from falling into the lap and on the floor is a bit too high when she sits at the kitchen table (which does not stop her from wanted to use it).  However is does make for easier clean up when she eats at her picnic table and the lip sits at the perfect height. 

I love that with you can easily transition from mealtime to play time by removing the top green tray.  So while you are cleaning up after dinner, your toddler can keep busy by coloring or creating.  They also have a Flexi-Designer craft insert, which is sold separately, to make craft time more contained and easier to clean.  This particular insert includes little nooks and compartments, perfect for all your child’s art supplies.
Snack/Meal Time

Play/Create Time
Overall, I think that Bambinos! Tidy Table Tray +Flexi-Diner is a super great alternative to your traditional bulky high chair.  It is easy to use, easy to clean, and your toddler is guaranteed to love it.  Although some may want to “travel” with this table (18”Wx14”Lx5.87”H) it does not break down small enough for me to want to take it with me.  I am however considering buying one for my moms house, so we have one there on holidays and when we visit.  I would definitely recommend this product to any parent with a toddler. 

To learn more about the Tidy Table Tray and other Bambinos! products please free feel to visit their webpage or follow them via Facebook.  

Please stop by Bambinos! Kickstart Campaign page to view their new up and coming products, such as their Lock=on Table Tray!! 

Want to WIN one?

Our awesome sponsors over at Bambinos! have offered to send the Tidy Table Tray +Flexi-Diner to one lucky Party of Three reader.  Entry form and details below.


  1. Thank you Kelly for the review! Those who want to pre-order the new, more travel friendly, tray, can do so by pledging on Kickstarter before October 8th. The set is only $24 and the set with an additional tray is $32.

  2. I entered the Children's Book giveaway!

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  4. I would love to win this awesome prize for my baby! Thank You So Much for the great giveaway!

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