Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not Just Your Average Doll ~ Beatrix Girls Doll Giveaway & Review

Looking for a doll other than Barbie?  A doll that serves a purpose other than living in a dream house with Malibu Ken?  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a prude and Barbies are fun to play with but wouldn't be nice for our girls to have responsible, relatable dolls with a fun, fashionable, yet modest wardrobe?  Well look no further, The Beatrix Girls have arrived… 
The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished ‘rock band’ with great hair, fun clothes, and their own original empowering songs.  Every member plays an equally important role; they all sing, play an instrument and help create/write their songs.  They have a band manager, make real albums, and produce real sales.  They’ve achieved ‘pop star success’ solely through talent, tenacity and old-fashioned hard work.  The band includes an ambitious lead singer & guitarist named Brayden, a spunky drummer named Ainsley, a bass playing redhead named Lark, & a sensible keyboardist named ChantalEach girl has a fully developed personality with her own essence, style and traits that girls will admire and identify with.

Each doll stands 12” tall and is uniquely designed to bend at the elbow, knees, and twist at the hips (something Barbie will never be able to do)!  No true chick rocker could perform on stage without moving her elbows or hips, right?!  I love that each doll comes with a stand, making play a little easier.  
I was lucky enough to have the wonderful opportunity of reviewing one of the Beatrix Girls dolls.  Little Miss M chose Brayden.  I think she was attracted to the fact that she plays the guitar and has purple in her hair, but she absolutely loves her.  I like that M chose Brayden because although they are a team, she is basically the leader of the groupAfter receiving the doll, one of the first things I noticed was the size.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was larger than a Barbie yet smaller than a baby doll; the absolute perfect size for playing.   The next thing I notice was the clothing and the make up.  Brayden, as well as the other girls, have little to no make-up on their faces.  A few of them have a hint of blush and some have some lip color but that is the extent; very age appropriate.  Speaking of age appropriate, all of The Beatrix Girls outfits are fun, fashionable, and modest.  I am so happy to see dolls without tons and tons of make-up and very skimpy outfits.

 Here’s a little Background on Brayden
“With her gorgeous purple flowing hair, Brayden is the song writer and guitarist for the band. Born in the flats of Hollywood to entertainment industry parents, Brayden is a genuine LA Woman. She is willful, driven, ambitious, sharp-as-a-tack and sweet, considerate and socially conscious. She is passionate about music, song writing, and the environment. She makes Bienstock, the band’s manager, book The Beatrix Girls at ecology rallies, but then fights like a hellcat for top billing and a mention in all the events’ PR. Brayden is a writer. She writes the super hooky hit songs that have made The Beatrix Girls one of the hottest acts in the world. Her lyrics reflect life experiences, friendship, and lessons like standing up for who you are. Her style is unique and edgy but with cross-over appeal.”

My daughter and I really enjoyed watching The Beatrix Girls skits and music videos provided on their website.  The 5 songs available are not only inspiring but they are fun and enjoyable for even adults.  They sound like something you might hear on like Disney Radio or something.  I am not a huge fan of the song titled  “bend the rules”, but it is a lot better than some of the stuff on the radio.  It would be nice to be able to purchase some extra outfits and accessories but I am happy that that is not what the Beatrix Girls are all about.

Overall, I am really impressed with The Beatrix Girls and what the stand for.  Their fresh young and relatable music is perfect for young girls everywhere.  According to Little Miss M, Brayden’s thick flowing hair is super “fun to brush” and the guitar that accompanied her (as an added bonus from the sponsor) is “really cool”.  Another great thing about The Beatrix Girls is that kids can not only collect and listen to their music but, join the “Trixie” fan club and enjoy special perks too.  Have your child become a “Trixie” today and download all 5 songs for free, receive special notices about new songs, promotions, and much more.

I Love These Dolls, Where Can I Get One??
The Beatrix Girls collection of dolls, which is recommended for ages 5+, retails for $24.99 each at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide and online at www.toysrus.com, amazon, and select Justice stores for $34.99 with instrument and stand.

For more on the Beatrix Girls:
• Website: TheBeatrixGirls.com
• Facebook: facebook.com/TheBeatrixGirls
• Twitter: twitter.com/thebeatrixgirls
• Pinterest: pinterest.com/thebeatrixgirls/
• YouTube: youtube.com/user/TheBeatrixGirls

The Beatrix Girls MUSIC Is NOW Available on iTunes and Amazon:
• iTunes: http://www.bit.ly/TBGItunes
• Amazon: http://www.bit.ly/TBGAmaz

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