Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KidSwitch Light Switch Extender Giveaway!

Do Your Kids Have a Hard Time Reaching the Light Switch?

We’ve all heard it…those “dreaded” words, “Mom, can you please come turn on the light?" and always while in the middle of doing something that you can't just drop in an instant and go.  Then, because the children are unable to reach the light switch, when they leave the room the light stays on…we’ve all been there.  Well these problems have been solved thanks to a family owned business called Just Kids, LLC.  I love finding great products from nice family owned businesses; especially ones as useful as the KidSwich.
KidSwitch is a glow-in-the-dark light switch extender that can be easily installed on any toggle style light switch.  Just Kids even offers replacement screws as well as adapters for Decora switches
Each KidSwitch extends down 12" from the light switch and GLOWS IN THE DARK!!  How cool is that?!  Little Miss M was so excited when I installed it.  She immediately turned off the light and shut the door so she could see it glow.  I was really impressed with how little light it needed to “recharge” and glow.  And it sure does come in handy for those late night bathroom runs.
Ordering is super easy.  And with their reasonable prices it will not put a huge dent in your wallet.  When ordering you have the option to choose between the Original Moon design or the My Style design.  My Style includes 6 animal and 2 customizable decals, allowing you to personalize the KidSwitch to fit your child’s style and room décor.

The KidSwitch has also helped Little Miss M learn to always turn off the light when leaving the room, which has saved both energy and money!  And it gives her that sense of independence.  I wish I would have had one when M was first learning to use the potty, it would have reduced the amount of accidents due to her not being able to reach the light.
I tried to take picture in the dark, but its still hard to see it glow...
The KidSwitch is perfect for any room and can be extremely useful if you have a climber in the house.  I absolutely love how the KidSwitch fits perfectly over the switch plate; still allowing adults to turn the light on/off the normal way (without actually having to use the extension).  My sister has another brand at her house and forgetting that it is there, I am always jamming my finger because the extender sticks out so far.

I am definitely going to have to order a few more KidSwitch Light Extenders for our learning room and playroom!

Why KidSwitch?
  • teaches energy saving habits
  • helps toddlers SAFELY reach to turn lights ON/OFF
  • avoids injuries
  • builds self confidence
  • frees parents from performing repetitive tasks
  • conserves electricity
  • saves money
  • glows in the dark
  • is fun and easy to use
  • builds independence

 Pricing is very reasonable starting at only $8.95 for a single pack & $19.95 for a multi-pack (pack of 3) .  Order a three pack and receive FREE shipping!

KidSwitch is offering all party of three readers 10% off their order by using the code kidswitch10 at checkout. 

What to learn more?

You can follow KidSwitch on both Twitter and Facebook.  I would also recommend visiting their website.

 Want to try one??
Our wonderful sponsors have offered to give a KidSwitch to one lucky Party of Three reader!
Feel free to enter using the Giveaway Tools form below!
This giveaway is open Worldwide!! 



  1. I could so use about 10 of these! LOL

  2. These are fantastic. I would love to get one for me niece! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. :)


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