Monday, November 25, 2013

Tween/Teen Magazine Giveaway & Review!

EMPOWER, INNER BEAUTY, STOP BULLYING, and CONFIDENCE are just some of the words that jump from the pages of BYOU Magazine.   I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a wonderful tween/teen magazine.  Nothing makes you feel older than reading a teen magazine and having no idea who any of the celebrities are, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this magazine is nothing like the ones I had growing up…with dating advice, beauty secrets, and fashion tips.  Instead this magazine is full of advice and tips on how to stop bullying, positive celebrity role models, and letting your inner beauty shine. 

BYOU is designed for girls ages 7 to 15 which is the most difficult period of adolescence.  And lets face it, kids -especially girls can be downright mean and damaging to someone’s self-esteem.  Plus many young girls are already concerned with the way they look and are dissatisfied with their bodies and their weight, so the last thing they need are magazines always emphasizing outer beauty. 

Each issue includes:

  • Real stories about real girls making a difference,
  • tips and advice
  • recipes
  • games and quizzes
  • contests
  • jokes,
  • craft
  • positive celebrity role models

Topics include: friendships, bullying, inner beauty, empowerment, community service, and other timely subjects to help today’s girl glow from the inside out.

“be your own you” is an excellent slogan and very fitting for this Magazine.  It is definitely not your average teen magazine and is such a great way to show teens how to become confident and empowered.  I love that is makes everyday “average” girls heroes.   It also lets girls know that they do not have to conform to the majority by encouraging them to following their own path.  

Get a whole year of BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine for ONLY $17.97!

 On to the GIVEAWAY!

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