Friday, November 15, 2013

KidFresh Giveaway & Review

Families today are always on the go.  We definitely live life in the fast lane.  As a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom, my job is non-stop.  And sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to prepare a decent nutritional meal.  For us adults we can eat those “healthy” and lean frozen meals, but what about the kids?  Most of the frozen kids meals these days are full of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and fat.

After some searching, I found a company that not only makes convenient food, but healthy food prepared with all natural ingredients and designed just for kids.  KidFresh has created a yummy line of kid friendly frozen meals.  They offer a total 7 different meals.  Only 5 of which where available at my local Kroger.
During our last shopping trip I let M pick out the meals that she wanted to try.  She was excited to have meals like Mommy’s and I was excited to have some quick and healthy kids meals.  We could not have gotten these at a more convenient time.  Being sick this week, it was so nice to have hearty ready-meals for Little Miss M. 

We first tried the Wagon Wheels Mac+ Cheese with some SuperDuper Chicken Nuggets.  The Mac & Cheese is prepared with wagon wheel pasta topped with real grated cheese & creamy cheese sauce with hidden carrots.  M was not a huge fan of this one, which is surprising because she loves macaroni and cheese.  I thought it tasted pretty good for being microwaveable.  I am thinking that she was just having an off day. 

The Super Duper Chicken Nuggets are made with white meat patties and pureed cauliflower and onions then coated with whole grain breading.  These were a big hit.  The multi-serving package, made me feel like I was getting more for my money.  The package contains about 13 nuggets and the serving size 5 pieces.  Since M usually eats chicken nuggets as a side dish, she usually only eats 2 or 3.  So for us that’s almost 5 serving in 1 box! 

Next we tried the Rainbow Rice & Chicken.  This meal is prepared with natural white chicken, a blend of long grain rice, carrots, corn, and peas (all of M’s favorites).  This was M’s all-time favorite so I am glad we decided to get 2.   She will definitely be eating this again soon. 

While at the store M also chose Spaghetti Loops + Meat Sauce & Muy Cheese Quesadillas.  Though we have not had the opportunity to try these yet, I’m sure they will be just as great as the others.

I love that KidFresh Products:

  • Are made with all natural ingredients
  • Contain no artificial color or flavoring
  • Contain no preservatives
  • Are packaged in recyclable & BPA-free packaging
  • Contain hidden veggies
  • Are relatively low in sodium (most of them under 400mg)
  • Are an excellent source of protein
  • Are convenient and easy to prepare

Getting your kids to eat healthy, especially when it comes to picky eaters is definitely a challenge.  Unlike most kids her age, M truly enjoys peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and corn, so I usually do not need to hide them.  Still I am glad to have these convenient meals without having to sacrifice nutrition.  I love that all KidFresh foods are frozen immediately after being prepared to preserve freshness.  I was completely surprised by the amount of food provided in each package!  I have been so impressed with KidFresh thus far.  And I will definitely be keeping a few in our freezer, for those busy days. 

Right now if you like the KidFresh Facebook page you can print out a $1 off coupon!!  Then visit their website to find out where you can find KidFresh products near you!

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Disclaimer: I was given the above mentioned product for the purposes of review.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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  1. Hope I can get some near me, they look good :)


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