Monday, November 11, 2013

Firmoo Review

My eyesight is pretty bad. I seriously cannot function without contacts or glasses, which as you can imagine, even with insurance can be super expensive. I have never purchased a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses online before. As a matter of fact, I have never even worn prescription sunglasses. They are just way too pricey. Which is why I am so happy to have found Firmoo. I recently read a review on I’m No Domestic Goddess and had to try a pair.

Firmoo is a Global Online Optical Store that has a large selection of affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses for both men and women, which they can ship all over the world. 

At first, I was a little skeptical about ordering online afraid that my prescription would somehow get botched. However, ordering my prescription was a breeze and I received my prescription error free. I just made sure to double checked my entries on Firmoo's online form before hitting submit.

Another concern I had about ordering online was whether or not my new sunglasses would even look good on me or fit me properly. So I selected a pair that was similar to the cheap ones I already had…then found out that they were not available for this particular blogger promotion. Although the sunglasses selection available for the promotion was minute, I did manage to find a pair that I thought would look good. 

I love that my glasses came complete with a glasses case, a cleaning cloth, traveling pouch, an ingenious mini key-ring screwdriver, and spare screws!


I think I am really going to enjoy these sunglasses. They fit and feel great! I have worn them a few times now without any issues. So when I am just too lazy to put in my contacts and need to leave the house on a sunny day, it is nice to finally have a pair of prescription sunglasses to protect my eyes.

If you are still uneasy about ordering online or if you are unsure as to what type of glasses will fit your face, Firmoo offers a Virtual Try on System. You can use either a model or upload a photo of yourself. 

For those of you that rarely wear glasses because you prefer contacts, its always nice to have an affordable back up pair.  I highly recommend giving Firmoo a try!

Firmoo has a First Pair Free program where new customers only have to pay shipping for their first pair of glasses or sunglasses!  Find out more info here!

Disclaimer: I was given the above mentioned product for the purposes of review.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.


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