Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homeschooling- Week 3

Now that we have settle down from our travels, the homeschooling can commence.   

Day One
We started off with a recap of things M had already learned before our travels. A, B, and Square were the main topics.

This week we are learning the letter C and all about triangles (along with a few other things). 

Day Two
Today we learned the letter C.

The night before I had prepared our craft and printed out the worksheet.  You can find free letter worksheets here.  After the worksheet but before the craft, we searched the house for letter "C"s and things that begin with the letter "C". 

I also like to incorporate our lessons into our meals, so we had Cheese and Crackers for a snack.

Day Three 

Today we briefly reviewed the letter "C" and then moved on to TRIANGLES.

After introducing the TRIANGLE I had M trace a few with her finger, then with a pencil. We also did a craft and searched the house for TRIANGLES.

Day Four
Today was just a review day. We read The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns and did another craft.

Any toddler homeschoolers out there? What are some letter/shape activities do you and your child enjoy?


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