Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Shower Gifts on a Budget & other Unique Gift Ideas.

Baby Bath Basket
If you are shopping on a budget, the dollar store is your friend. I recently made a really nice basket for under $10.
It included shampoo, body wash, lotion, boogie wipes, & 4 bottles (not really bath related but the looked cute in the basket).
Other things you can include:
-Brush/Comb        -Nail clippers
-Mini emery boards  -Finger tip brush

Toiletries Bag For Mom To Be
A lot of moms are so worried about packing for the new baby that they forget to about themselves.  For under $20 you can make a really nice to-go hospital bag.

You may want to include things like:
-Toothbrush                          -Toothpaste
                   -Travel hairbrush                  -Moist personal wipes 
                            -Deodorant                            -Shampoo                               
 -Conditioner                          -Soap            
     -Snack foods                          -Bottled water
        -Overnight Pad                     -New underwear

Diaper Bag Gift
If you check for sales on diaper bag, you can probably find a nice one for around $15, maybe cheaper.  You can then fill it with some “on-the-go” things you may need when you are out with a baby.  If this is something you are interested in doing, I would suggest hitting the travel size section.

Things you may want to include:
               -2 outfits/onsies                               -Travel size wipes
   -3 pk of socks                                    -A blanket  
      -A wet bag (for soiled clothes)        -A toy (or 2)
-Small Board book                           -Pacifiers
-Travel changing pad                        -2 Bibs    
              -2 Burp cloths                                    -Nail clippers        
                     -Hand sanitizer (for mommy)      -2 wash clothes           

Bathtime Bathtub Basket
This is my favorite Shower gift but it not necessary the most budget friendly!  As always shop sales.  Find a decently priced baby bathtub and fill it with all the things needed for bathtime.
Some things you may want to include:
                                                                                -Hooded towel                   -2 non-hooded towels                                                                               
 -2 Onsies                             -Body wash        
 -Lotion                                -Shampoo  
  -Robe                                   -Bath toys    
  -4 Washcloths                     -Comb/brush
                                                         -Bath thermometer

Saftey Basket
Keeping little ones safe is so very important.  Therefore making a little safety basket is a great baby shower gift.  For this gift I would fill a reusable cloth basket/box with random child safety products.  And again if you shop for deals or buy a $15 safety kit from the store you can open it and create a beautiful basket...after all, its all in the presentation.
Things you may want to include:
-Drawer and Cabinet Latches      -Soft Impact Corner Cushions
-Door Stopper                                  -Power outlet plugs
-Appliance latches                          -Doorknob covers
-Sliding locks                                    -Thermometer
              -First Aid things (antibacterial ointment, band-aids, clippers, scissors)    

Memories Basket/Kit
Capturing memories is so important with little ones; time goes by too fast.  So this is another great gift for any baby shower.  You can purchase a hand impression kits( you can get one cheap online), an inkpad & some nice paper, a baby book, picture frames, photo album, and even scrap-booking stuff.

Sanitizing Basket
There are Eco-friendly cleaners sold everywhere and they super cheap. Buy several cleaners and put them in a small laundry basket. For under $25.00 you can put together a super useful baby shower gift.

Homemade Gifts
You can’t go wring with homemade. If you are not too crafty you can check out some tutorials online and create amazing gifts.  For the last baby shower I went to, I made an infant tutu in about 20 minutes and created an awesome diaper cake for nearly nothing.  Click here to see how I did it.  If you know how to sew you can make some burp cloths, blankets, or clothes.  If you knit, knit something for the baby.  If all else fails, make a diaper cake.  You can make a small 3-tiered cake for less than $20.

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  1. for Christmas i got 3 girl 2 daughter and one gf basket and then i put the house hold stuff for them and i plan on doing it for my gf who is moving here soon


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