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The Day M Received her Eviction Notice

M's Entrance Into the World

Thursday March 18, 2010 around midnight I started feeling a little funny; it was almost like my stomach was "tightening".  So I went into the living room to tell my hubby that tomorrow was the day.  The next morning I woke at 8am, the "tightening" was becoming more intense.  I knew M was on the way!
Hubby called the midwife at about 10am and she told us to stay at home as long as we can.  Around noon my contractions were about 5 minutes apart so we decided to head to the hospital. 
We arrived at about 12:30p and went straight to OB triage.  They made my husband wait in the waiting room for about an hour (this will never happen again).  When they finally let him come back the midwife checked my progress and I was already dilated to 5cm.  She said, “Yep, you’re staying”.   She then walked me to the delivery room. 
Since I opted out of being hooked to a fetal monitor, I had the freedom to move about as I pleased.  I started out resting on the bed.  Soon after I laid down, the anesthesiologist came in and asked me a ton of questions.  After about 10 minutes of questions he said, “Well you probably won’t be needing my services” and then left.  I was doing this drug free; I was determined.
The first position I tried was sitting up right in the chair.  This helped with the pressure of the contractions but did not help my urge to push.  The urge to push was very overwhelming.  I had Hubby call for the nurse to check to see if I was fully dilated yet.  She said I was only at 8cm and told me to fight the urge to push. 
During each contraction I closed my eyes and relaxed; taking my mind elsewhere.  Although the urge to push was hard to ignore.  About 10 or 20 minutes later I walked over to the bed and leaned over the side, trying to get comfortable.  The urge to push was constant and very strong.  I called for the nurse who checked me and told me that I was fully dilated.  She was almost here.  Hubby and I were so excited. 
I tried many different positions while pushing and did not want to end up on my back; fighting gravity.  I asked for the squatting bar but it was hard to concentrate on holding myself up and pushing at the same time.  Shortly after the bar was attached to the bed the midwife had me lay back so she could check something.  When I laid back I rested my feet up on the squatting bar.  After that there was no turning back; I was "comfortable".  I pushed for what felt like 10 or 15 minutes; maybe 10 or so pushes before the midwife put on her gown.  I continued to push for another 15 minutes and then M was born.  When she arrived the first thing M saw was the sun shining in from the open window. Her eyes were clear because I refused the eye ointment and her brain was clear because I refuse any and all drugs.
Hubby watched the whole time in awe.  He watched her head/arm followed by the rest of her body enter the world.  They immediately placed M on my chest and covered her with warm blankets.  They then started rubbing her with the blankets to make her cry; which she did.   
Hubby got to cut the cord.  He was so excited to be a part of everything.  After the cord was cut and clamped, they asked to put some type of antibacterial dye on M's bellybutton.  I was blindsided because I had never heard of this before so I did not get to do any research.  They also asked to check her sugar; I was a little hesitant but allow one test. 
After we had a chance to bond, hubby and the nurse gave you your first bath while the midwife sewed me up.  I got a few stitches both inside and out.  I declined all of my blood draws until after she was born (everything was just going too well and I didn’t want to be poked while in labor).  So when I finally let them draw from my hand, I had them take an extra sample “just in case”. 
We were transferred to a postpartum room shortly after delivery.  After this move everything went downhill.  The nursing staff was awful.   Every shift change M was poked and prodded (not with needles but with hands); I hated it.  I regret letting them take her for the hearing test even though Hubby accompanied her (they have the ability to do this in your room).   There is no reason for you to ever be separated from your child.  I was sick to my stomach the whole 5 minutes they were gone.  When Hubby brought her back, she was crying so hard; it broke my heart. 
I did not sleep at all our whole stay.  I stayed awake just holding her and staring at her beautiful features.  I did not trust any of the nursing staff.  They were pushy and sneaky.  The nurse that administered the hearing test came to take M at 3am because she failed the first test due to  being so distraught.  She did not get the chance to take her and was surprised to find me awake and holding you.  
Soon a new nurse came to do M's PKU test (heal prick) in our room because she was not to leave my sight again.  The nurse was less than pleased but I made her do it anyways.  M cried until I placed my pointer finger in her mouth and started rubbing her head…I cried the whole time.
We sat around and visited with visitors until about 5p on March 20th.  Then I started to get antsy because I just wanted to take my new baby home.  The discharge nurse came in and tried to take more blood from me and I refused.  I allowed one poke earlier right after delivery.  So they gave us a very hard time about discharge.  They claimed that the Pediatric Doctor on call would have to discharge the baby but I could leave with out her.  What are you CRAZY?!  I was not having that and I was not going to leave my baby with people I did not trust.  When we got home M and I instantly crashed on the couch.  We slept so good.  We could now begin our life together.


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