Sunday, October 28, 2012

Operation Leaf Removal!

I am going to give a big huge sarcastic "Yay" to Fall...and here's why...

Well, don't get me wrong Fall is not all bad...the weather is nice enough to turn off the air conditioning bringing energy bills down and the trees are beautiful BEFORE they lose their leaves...which brings me to the "down Falls".
This is week 3 of operation leaf removal.  We get so many leaves that our raking has to be done in spurts because there is not enough room in the street. Thank goodness our city comes by and picks them once a week.  And the funny thing is that we have a relatively small yard and only ONE SMALL TREE in OUR yard.  Its our neighbors trees that do this to us.  One year we decided not to rake and let the wind do its job and blow them elsewhere...yeah...that was a colossal mistake!  The wind must have taken a year off because the leaves didn't move! It was bad.  

There is an upside to having so many leaves...LEAF JUMPING!!!

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  1. LOL love your title and can totally relate, I cheated this year and mowed over all of them 4-5 sperate times! My son would have LOVED to jump in that pile you had there


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