Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

My nephew was over the other day so we decided to make chocolate covered pretzels.  This is how we did it...

All you need is:
Pretzel Rods
My Camera was on the fritz.
So I borrowed a pic from the web.
Chocolate chips (you can also use white chocolate)
Sprinkles (optional)
Wax paper/cooling rack

Empty the bag of chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl.  Then microwave on high for 1 minute. Remove and stir with a spatula (some of the chips will melt when you are stirring, if they don't, microwave for 15 more seconds, then stir again.)  Because the chocolate hardens after awhile, I found it easier to work with half a bag of chocolate at a time.

Dip one pretzel rod into the melted chocolate and use a spoon or butter knife to spread the chocolate.  Hold the rod over a piece of wax paper/plate and shake sprinkles on all sides.  Place the pretzel on another piece of wax paper or a cooling rack to dry.  Repeat until you've coated all the pretzels and let dry completely (we ate them after a few hours in the fridge, well the kids ate their's instantly). 

If working with children, its easiest to pour them their own bowl of chocolate and give them a few pretzels and a spoon. 

Warning:  This particular recipe is very messy, especially with 2 toddlers.  So if you do not like big mess projects, this is not the recipe for you.


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