Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our First Out of State Family Vacation!

Our little family recently took a trip to see some family down in Kentucky.  This was our first trip as a family.  It was so much fun.  Even the 6 hour drive with a toddler was nice!  M was so good in the car.  We stayed with my Aunt for a week before we headed home.  I loved not having to worry about bills, cooking, or shopping.  I can't wait to take another vacation.


Where did you go on your first family vacation?


  1. Well, I have an 8 month old and she doesnt do too well in the car so we havent really gone anywhere but I hope that we can take a mini-trip sometime soon!

  2. That's amazing that she did so well! I found you via MBC and I'd love for you to come link up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer blog hop! It's SO much fun! Hope to see you there! :)

  3. We are getting ready to go on our very first vacation as a family of four! Eeek!! I can't wait! Looks like you guys had fun!

    Thanks for stopping by and following! I've enjoyed looking around and will gladly follow back.

    -Rache@That's Life..


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