Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surviving as a One Car Family

Being a stay at home Mom is where I am meant to be and I wouldn't change it for the world. But it definitely comes with its share of disadvantages. We have been a one car family for for quite some time now and let me tell you it has not been easy. From scheduling appointments to grocery shopping, everything takes some serious planning. Here's how we do it:

Appointments and Shopping:
My husband usually gets his schedule 3 weeks in advance. As soon as he gets it, I sit down and make any appointments that we may need. I find his first day off and make that our grocery shopping day. When making the grocery list I make sure to buy enough meals to last a few days past his schedule. I also plan for a mid-schedule shopping trip for things like milk, bread, and produce.   

Schedule Family Outings:
With my husbands schedule, most days our daughter only gets to see him for a few minutes before he leaves for work. He usually comes home after she has already gone to sleep. Because of this I like to schedule at least two days of family fun. Whether its a picnic in the park, blowing bubbles in the yard, or trip to the local zoo. That way Daddy gets to enjoy seeing his daughter play and explore.
Schedule Mommy ( & Daughter) Outings:
Being stuck in a house for days without any adult interaction can be very stressful. I also know that hubby needs to relax and unwind on some of his days off. That being said, I make sure to schedule things that my daughter and I like to do. "M" loves the library, so I make sure to plan a trip there, while I have the car. And for me...sometimes, I just like to drive to my moms and spend time with other adults.
Have a Plan for "Emergency" Trips:
I know that I can always count on family if I am in a bind and really need to get somewhere. But if for some reason they are unavailable to help and I am having a true emergency, I have no problem running to a neighbor and asking for help. Always have a car seat and get to know your neighbors.

So being a one car family isn't always fun, but with some planning it is totally doable.


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